FAA do Brasil provides the only sensor in the market that is able to monitor de quality of the aviation fuel that is delivered to the aircraft.
The AFGUARD® sensor is not only the safest solution to prevent and detect the presence of free water, it is also the most sustainable one.
CCS - Sistema de Controle de Contaminação


Control System (CCS)

CCS - Sistema de Controle de Contaminação
Logic controller for use in combination with the AFGUARD® Electronic Water Sensor.
The Contamination Control System (CCS) is constantly processing the actual water content in aviation fuels.
The logic controller is compliant to JIG Technical Bulletin 130 regarding alert, alarm and data storage requirements.
DDO de 2 polegadas

2" DDO-


Dirt Defence Filter (DDO) are designed for the efficient and continuous removal of solids such as rust, sand and other particulates from aviation fuels.
DDO-Type filter elements are primarily used in the filtration of mobile into-plane refueling. Dirt Defence Filters are an economical and reliable alternative to filter monitor elements and its associated SAP* (Super Absorbent Polymer) problem.
Dirt Defence Filters shall be used in conjunction with the AFGUARD® Electronic Water Sensor (EWS).

Sensor Eletrônico Sluggard

Electronic sensor


Electronic sensor to distinguish between aviation fuel and water.
The SLUGGUARD® enables continuous detection of water in sumps of filter/water separators or in drain points of filter vessels.

  • Qualified to EI 1592 specification 1st edition
A blue LED light indicates operating or alarm switching states.

Filtro Horizontal Coalescedor

Filter/Water Separator

FW24-H-T Series

The FW24-H-T Series is designed to be compliant with Specification EI 1582 6th Edition. The filter vessels use threaded base coalescer elements and reusable separator elements.
Filtro Horizontal Coalescedor
Transmissor de Pressão DIFERENCIAL - DPT


Pressure Transmitter

Measures the inbound and outbound differential pressures of filter vessels during refueling.

Communicates it in real time.
Certified by INMETRO®.
Carrinho Dosador de Aditivos


Injection Cart

Electronic biocide injection cart. Allows accurate additive dosage according to flow rate during refueling.

Easy to operate, clean or switch to other additives.
Also available to lease.


To continually broaden and develop our provision of products and services with emphasis on:

  • Quality, from raw materials to final approval
  • Customer orientation
  • Dissemination of knowledge and expertise.

We hope to achieve this through continuing collaboration within our team of expert manufactures, engineers, designers, salespeople and consultants.

Purpose and Values

Our purpose is to ensure safety in aviation through clean fuel.

Our promise is to develop innovations that help our customers optimize the quality of their product and the safety and efficieny of their processes.


our employees, both those based at our headquarters in Stadtallendorf and in our branches, bring with them a wide range of expertise, ideas and opinions. We highly value this diversity and recognize it as critical to understanding our customers’ different viewpoints and requirements, and to our continued global presence in the industry more broadly.


to each other, to our customers, and to the community of which we are part. We see this commitment as integral to the many happy working relationships we have built worldwide, some lasting over several decades.


from their initial design to their successful qualification runs in our state-of-the-art test rig, our products are manufactured with the utmost diligence and attention to detail. But excellence isn’t limited to our products; we take the provision of excellent customer service equally seriously, too.

FAA do Brasil was founded in 2022 and is
a subsidiary of FAUDI Aviation America Holdings, Inc.

Our main purpose is to guarantee safety in aviation through clean fuel by offering a solution that is more economical, safer, and sustainable.

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